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Wedding Hairstyles

Though a wedding dress is the major concern for any bride or a groom, but a wedding hairstyle needs to be good too. Both the bride and the groom need to have good looks and presentation, which is only possible when their dress and hairstyle are equally good respectively. A lot of wedding hairstyles are present which can be further worked upon to reveal a unique style as well.

Wedding Hairstyles 2012 2013 2A particular hairstyle is selected on the basis of the facial features, the length of the hair, the type of dress and the accessories and the location of the wedding ceremony too. For instance, if the ceremony is to be held outdoors, then a bride should have hair tied up with pins. For brides, there are different types of modern and popular wedding hairstyles. One is an up do style which is exquisite, formal and elegant. A bride can add color to her hair or highlight the strands as well. In this hairstyle, part of the hair is held up in place with a hair band or clip and the rest of the hair is curled loose. The curled hair can frame one side of the face or else the bride can have a fringe as well.

The second type of wedding hairstyle is Chignon in which the hair is pulled back to the nape. If the bride does not have wavy hair, then it is combed backwards, twisted and held in place. If the bride has got long hair, then they can be curled too and are let down if she is wearing a strapless gown. If the wedding dress is a traditional one, then a ballerina twist is applied in which the hair is pushed back and twisted many times to form an up do style. In fact accessories like pearl ones can be added tot the twists respectively. On the other side, if a bride has got short hair, then a classy bob style will look good on her. She can use accessories on her ears and neck, as well as few colorful braids if the ceremony is held on the beach. If braids are sued, then they can be twisted and plaited accordingly.

Wedding Hairstyles 2012 2013There are cool and good wedding hairstyles for the groom as well, which would make him look impressive too. One is an Afro cut style in which the hair is combed away from the scalp and is allowed to extend out from the head in the form of a round, large shape like that of a cloud or a halo. The other one is a Mohawk style which is unique and different in a way that the both sides of the head are shaven which leaves a thin line of hair in the middle. This is a British hairstyle and is associated with punk rock subculture respectively. On the other side, most grooms prefer to go bald and it looks good too. But if it is a formal wedding, then it is better to have short hair that has been neatly cut close to the ears and at the back as well.

long curly wedding hairstyles

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Brides want to look beautiful in their weddings and they do their best to achieve this aim. They buy the most charming  wedding dress and attractive shoes; accesories which are suitable for their dresses. One of the points that they pay attention most in their wedding planning checklist is the hairstyle. They do everything for the best wedding hairstyle which will show them  like a princess in their weddings.

Most people admire celebrities and they want to look like them. If we mention about brides, they will be much eager to do that. Female singers and actresses have always been a role model for women all over the world. And the situation is the same for brides. They think that nothing but looking like a celeb would attrract the guests in their weddings. Maybe, they are right. Who knows?

celebrity wedding hairstyles 150x150Beautiful Bridal Celebrity Hairstyles Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner looks fabolous with her simple but cool hairstyle.

wedding hairstyle 2011

Jessica Alba: A hairstyle which makes the beauty of her face more apparent.

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo teaches us how to look beautiful with a simple hairstyle and some make up.

Know about the various hairstyles and choose the one that suits you

When wedding day draws near many things have to be considered like the dress, location, decoration and the menu respectively. All of them are equally important and have to be thought about in detail too. As far as the wedding hairstyle is concerned, a bride wants to have the best style in order to look elegant on the wedding day. These days there are many fascinating wedding hairstyles and anyone can be selected which would suit the bride on the wedding day.

Before a bride decides to select one wedding hairstyle, she should keep in mind few considerations and details too. That is the style has to complement with the facial features, kind of the wedding gown, type of accessories that are worn, length if the hair and the venue of the wedding as well. Continue reading